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Showing posts with label TRAVEL. Show all posts

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Riding A Plane For The First Time

Things people should know when they will be getting their plane ride for the first time is the procedure of booking a flight, airport security checks, airport locations and the means on how to get there. I made this post in a way that would help others and make their travel so much fun rather than nervous.:D

Booking a flight is a bit hard for people who neither have credit card or bank account that are in partnership of the airline you would want to provide you the service. Likewise, booking a flight is hassle when you do it just two days or less before your desired travel period. Furthermore, a lot of searching to assure travel safety and security is required: travel terms and conditions, airport location, airport security checks etc. I actually experienced these inconveniences when I traveled last holy week.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Cebu is one of the most wonderful places in the Philippines. That is why a lot of local and international tourists would want to visit the place.

Cebu is known as “Queen City of the South” for its fast pace economy in Central Visayas. Tourism is one of the city’s major sources of income.The local government has its continuous program to improve and maintain the tourist spots in the city. Cebu is undoubtedly a great and cool vacation spot.  Historical sites, cool beaches, foods and hospitable people surround the island .