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Monday, June 17, 2013

How to Eat Yourself Happy and Strong

Have you heard about happy foods?

Most of us are tired getting up for work, for school or for house chores. Sometimes, we feel weak, sick, unhappy or even depressed for some reasons we're not sure. Thus, we decided that it's better to have a long stay in bed than going to school or office. But this cannot happen all the time. Yes we can rest but our career shouldn't be sacrificed just because we're feeling unhealthy and unhappy.

Now, one way to have a healthy life and career is to feed our stomach and brain with what we call happy foods.Well of course, it is already proven that eating good foods can help us do better and live better. So what are these foods that can make us happy and live our life to the fullest?

Here's a list of the most popular and affordable happy foods that can beat depression:

The most popular happy food that a lot of people consume is dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains endorphins, anti oxidants, serotonin and other chemicals that improve our blood flow in the brain which also makes us feeling happy and delightful and will protect us from cancer and help us feel young.

Second to the list is coffee. Not all of us drink coffee but having a cup or two of it every day is good to boost our energy and brain functioning because of its anti oxidant and caffeine.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

How to Sign up for a PayPal Account

How to sign up for PayPal account is very easy. Here are the steps:

1. Click this LINK.
2. You will be redirected to this page. For individuals who will use PayPal as their means to receive payments through online jobs, choose the PREMIER ACCOUNT.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Top 5 Interview Questions

The hardest thing about looking or having a job is to pass the job interview.  It should take a lot of courage and confidence to pass the interview. So to make yourself prepared, here’s a list of top 5 most common interview questions that you will be asked:

Friday, June 7, 2013

BancNet Members

BancNet, as they say is a “Non-Stop Banking Network” and now the largest Automated Teller Machine consortium in the Philippines. Meaning, it is a large association or network of banks. Having your bank as BancNet member makes lot of banking transactions easy. So, here’s the list of Philippine banks which are BancNet Members:

PLDT Home Cyberya

A lot of people are looking for a small business to start up. Recently, PLDT released their PLDT Home Cyberya. This is a micro business for aspiring entrepreneurs. PLDT Cyberya allows individuals to earn money by providing internet rental service to customers especially to Netizens which now can surf the internet for as low as P1.00 for 4 minutes.

Connectify Hotspot

Want to connect several devices to the internet but doesn’t have wireless connection? If you have smartphones, tablets and laptops but you cannot connect those devices in the internet at the same time and can’t afford to buy a router, then Connectify Hotspot is the right software application for you!

What is Connectify Hotspot?

It is a computer program or software that you can download and install on your computer to make it into a Wi-Fi hotspot to share the internet that you have with your mobile devices or even to your friends devices. To download, install and use the application is very easy!

How to Make Your Mobile Phone a Wi-Fi Hotspot

If you have the latest phone technology like smartphones or android phones, your device has the feature to make itself a Wi-Fi hotspot. How is very easy!

  1. First, make sure that your phone’s data was enabled over mobile network. If your phone has the 3G icon on top of the screen, then the data was enabled. If none press MENU key and click System Settings or Settings depending on your phone model. Look for Wireless & Networks>Mobile Networks. And put a check mark on Data enabled.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Riding A Plane For The First Time

Things people should know when they will be getting their plane ride for the first time is the procedure of booking a flight, airport security checks, airport locations and the means on how to get there. I made this post in a way that would help others and make their travel so much fun rather than nervous.:D

Booking a flight is a bit hard for people who neither have credit card or bank account that are in partnership of the airline you would want to provide you the service. Likewise, booking a flight is hassle when you do it just two days or less before your desired travel period. Furthermore, a lot of searching to assure travel safety and security is required: travel terms and conditions, airport location, airport security checks etc. I actually experienced these inconveniences when I traveled last holy week.