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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


What do you think of the Law? Have you reacted to it, posted your disagreements regarding the Law and so on? But, what is Republic Act 10175 or Cybercrime Law per se?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Genius Mobile Phones

Mobile phones were invented mainly for call and text purposes. It is a handy communication device you can use anytime and anywhere. But, who would ever think that this invention will evolve and now can be use for your entertainment and security?

Cell phones are the next device that brings people closer together. These are first introduced to the public with an expensive price tag. Only those wealthy people can afford to have it. But as technology evolves, manufacturers have made a way to lessen its price and make it affordable to a large chunk of consumers.

How to Avoid Cyberbullying

Social media has been very popular today. No wonder, how people can easily express themselves through these different web and mobile technologies. This technology was made to improve our life, yet some people used it improperly to threaten or harm other people exposing them to personal risk. These abusive users of communication technologies send or post rumors, lies and even sexual remarks that can definitely affect the person’s reputation negatively. And this is Cyberbullying.

When a person has been cyberbullied, he or she can feel a wide range of negative emotions. This can make her feel intimidated, depressed or can even make her think suicide. That’s why different institutions are trying to set policies and campaigns that can prevent Cyberbullying. So, what are the ways to get ourselves away from this kind of crime?