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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Call Center Agent Qualifications


As fresh graduates (or not) we look for a job where we can reward ourselves after all the hard work and sacrifices we did for almost more than a decade; reward our parents, our family; reward those people who have been very helpful to us during those years. Yet, nowadays competition is very tough and whether we admit it or not, a large chunk of graduates can't easily get the job they want.

We are aware of the fast growing BPO Industry in the country. Call center agents are still "very" in demand. I guess, these companies do have job openings almost every month. And I know, a lot of us are thinking to try the job. They offer high salary and different incentives plus useful training and fast career growth. So, why not try the job?

Over these thoughts that came into your mind, you might want to think if you are really qualified for the position before you waste your time, effort and money going to Makati, Ortigas, Quezon City or anywhere else in the Philippines to apply.

Let me provide the list of the main qualifications and skills you must have for you to reach your "dream job".

I.                   COMPUTER SKILLS

First main skill you should have. The world now depends on technology so you should know at least basic pc operations, internet surfing and various computer programs. But if you're applying for Technical Support, I guess you should learn things more than the basic.